IBDIS.Interobserver agreement analysis

IOA StatusData capture process for Interobserver Analysis is finished.
7 observers out of 39 observers who accomplished all objectives have been elected randomly to enter 7 patientfiles again. They will be coauthors for the publication about the results of the IBDIS validation project.

Team A team from UNIDATA/IBDIS and external experts will garantuee for technical availability and support during the project and during the steps of analysis.

ScheduleThe validation project follows a masterplan and is based on UNIDATA'S standard operating procedures.
Participating countries (August 2008)

The validation process of IBDIS software starts with the european Inter- and Intraobserver Agreement Analysis

General information29.02.2008 ECCO Grant 2008 for IBDIS
One of the ECCO grants 2008 was awarded to UNIDATA/IBDIS

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IOA 2008 Schedule
IOA status
Registration for IBDIS validation closed
Data capturing process of 15 IOA patient files finished
Election of 7 intraobservers finished
Data capturing process of 7 Intraobserver patient in progress
IBDIS validation project: Countries
Countryparticip. sitesCountryparticip. sites
Albania1 Austria2
Belgium3 Bosnia & Herzegovina 1
Brazil 2 Bulgaria4
Canada1 China (PRC)1
Croatia1 Czech Republic5
Denmark1 Finland1
France7 Germany6
Greece 9 Hungary 2
Ireland2 Israel 5
Italy 16 Latvia 4
Lithuania 2 Netherlands1
Poland2 Portugal8
Romania3 Russia3
Saudi Arabia2 Serbia3
Spain4 Sweden1
Switzerland1 Taiwan1
Tunisia1 Turkey9
Ukraine1 United Kingdom6