2009 Intraobserver Agreement Analysis has started.
2008 IBDIS started the validation project to improve the qualtity of IBD data standards
2008 IBDIS has received an ECCO grant 2008 for the validation of IBDIS with an Inter- and Intraobserver Agreement Analysis
2008 IBDIS launched the Online CEDCheck/IBDCheck
2008 IBDIS established a standard documentation system in the general hospital of vienna
2007 Partnership ECCO and IBDIS has started
2007 Partnership EFCCA and IBDIS has started
2006 national and international eCRF's for pharmaceutical industry and clinical sites
2003 IBDIS Software Category 1 was released
2002 eCRF based on IBDIS for an austrian IBD registry
eCRF about hepatotoxocity/statistical analysis
2001 Interobserver analysis for austria
16 patient files / 18 observers / 186 IBD relevant parameters
1999 first concept of an case report form about IBD