ECCOMajor goals and advantages
Using IBDIS and its documentation tool adds the following advantages to the IBD community and all ECCO members:
  • Ready to use after a long process of planning, developing, improving and testing the software including a risk analysis with identification, assessment, treatment and documentation of risks

  • Broad availability using the Internet and latest online techniques

  • IBDIS is based on a harmonized, standardized and validated catalogue of IBD parameters

  • Continuous enhancement by implementation of technical and scientific advances, as well as repeated validation processes, now also with professional support by ECCO.

  • IBDIS enables the comparison of patient populations in scientific studies based on the same documentation standard.

  • IBDIS offers a wide range of facilities to use it as an easy to adapt tool for special user requirements including registries, online surveys or EU projects.

  • Several partners within the pharmaceutical industry already trust in IBDIS and the technique behind the system for their own eCRF's.

  • Using a web based eCRF is a strategic move and a statement to be aware of the requirements and challenges of regulatory authorities.

At a glance
Anonymized IBDIS software (cat. 1) free of charge for all ECCO members
Multicentered, multilingual
High standards of data mangement
Scaleable database