IBDIS.Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between the IBDIS Standard Software and the IBDIS electronic Patient Record Software?

The IBDIS standard software is a free tool to build IBD-databases for individual ECCO members. Anonymous data is stored at the UNIDATA GEODESIGN facilities. The IBDIS ePR Software is adapted from the IBDIS standard software and designed to be integrated into the clinical routine setting. IBDIS ePR records personalized data stored at servers at UNIDATA Geodesign or at the clinical site. Both licenses enable electronic data capturing about epidemiology, location, phenotype, course of disease, complications, intestinal surgery, comorbidity and risk factors, pregnancy and therapy.

What are the first steps to gain access and use the IBDIS Standard Software?
Access https://documentation.ibdis.net with your internet browser, click the "Getting Started"- button and follow the instructions on the screen.

Is there a demo-license available of the software?
UNIDATA GEODESIGN grants access to a limited demo license for all, who submit the demo License application form and the confidentiality agreement, both available at https://documentation. ibdis.net to UNIDATA GEODESIGN via fax.

Is the IBDIS Standard Software free for everyone?
The free use of the IBDIS Standard software tool is restricted to individual ECCO members. ECCO will grant individual membership in 2008.

Who is the owner of the data?
Every licensee has full ownership of his/her data.

Where are IBDIS-registered data stored?
The anonymous information registered by the IBDIS Standard Software is stored at the validated UNIDATA servers in Vienna, Austria. According to national or international law the database on personalized information captured by IBDIS ePR may be kept inside the respective clinical site. Data from IBDIS eCRFs are stored according to the third party member's request.

Does licensee acquire ownership of the IBDIS software?
No, the licensee acquires the right to use the software restricted by the terms of the confidentiality agreement and the software license agreement. The software itself remains property of UNIDATA GEODESIGN.

Where can I get more information about the IBDIS project and the software tools provided by UNIDATA GEODESIGN?
Please contact UNIDATA GEODESIGN or ECCO for additional information or access the corporate website: https://documentation.ibdis.net